pCloudy is an over the cloud lab solution for Testing of mobile apps and Website/Webapps on Android and iOS platforms. It allows you to access real devices including mobiles and tabs running on real networks in India, Philippines, U.S.A.

A proven platform with over a hundred active customers from around the world and one million plus hours of testing, it was recently featured in Gartner's Market guide

pCloudy is available in 3 flavours:

1. Public Cloud

Designed to minimise the cost of mobile app testing, while providing carefully selected set of devices to ensure maximum coverage of the fragmented mobile device landscape. The public cloud boasts of 300+ devices and counting.

Subscription Pricing in USD for Single Login:

Slim Small Medium Large
Price 20 30 100 175
5 10 50 100
hour cost
4 3 2 1.75

Subscription Pricing in USD for Team Plan:

Team Business Enterprise
250/month 1000/month Call
us to learn more
device hours/month
device hours/month
2.5/extra hour 2/extra hour
Login - 3
Login - 10
of device hours

2. Private Cloud

The specified list of devices and the hardware necessary to keep them function is dedicated for your company. This option offers all the benefits of public cloud plus the added level of security. Also removes any concerns about device availability, since the devices are available for you 24x7.

With private hosting, you can easily integrate with CI (Jenkins) and Automation frameworks such as Robotium, Calabash, Appium that you already rely on, which means that you can seamlessly run your tests on the hosted platform from your own system.

Costing is based on per device per month basis. Contact us to know more.

3. On premise Cloud

The On-premise solution helps you create a top notch mobile testing infrastructure by converting your existing physical lab into an internal device cloud. The plug and play set up allows you to start using the lab form Day 1. it allows you complete control of the devices as the entire infrastructure sits behind your firewall, allowing complete control of security.

Contact us to know more about it. Contact Us

  • Manual testing
  • Functional testing
  • Automation testing using Appium, Robotium, Calabash, Espresso and Monkey Test
  • Real 3G and 4G networks
  • App level analytics of
    • CPU
    • Memory
    • Data usage
    • For Android 5.0 and above Battery usage
  • Debugging
  • Device Logs
  • Crash Reports
  • Videos
  • Screenshots
  • Extensive reporting
  • Device booking and test scheduling
  • User management
  • App management
  • Test management
  • Data security - one user cannot see the data of others

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